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About Thesi Geesink

A photographer with her own studio in the heart of Amsterdam. Craftmanship & creativity go well together in her studio and on location.        Always searching for new techniques and often providing high - profile exhibitions. She has a different way of looking at things that surround her, as the jury report recalled at the time of the Kodak Commercial and Industrial Award presented to her in New York - 1993   "A TREATING OF A COMMON PLACE WITH THE FEELING OF THE SUBLIME"  (J.F. MILLET). Thesi Geesink shows an exceptional view of reality.  This many sided artist demonstrates how the elements leave their traces through time, revealing an intriguing new world catching fascinating abstract images. Thesi Geesink took pictures all over...

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About The Art & Shipping

In this webshop Thesi Geesink offers Fine Art Prints on dibond with a Liquid Gloss finishing or Fine Art Prints. Both styles are printed on a standard size of 80 x 80 cm.  Liquid Gloss This High quality art print on preserved in Liquid Gloss, a two component resin with UV filter which is very popular in the art world. The back of her art works has an aluminium suspension system. The sides of the artworks are rounded as with ceramics, this gives a uniquely rich appearance.  The liquid gloss Photo Objects can be ordered with a size from 80 x 80cm on this webshop, larger objects are available on request. * this size is available on request About the shipping & packaging services Free...

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Abstract Fine Art # 1/1 notarizedAbstract Fine Art Photography Limited Editions # 1/7Still Life Fine Art Photography Limited Editions # 1/7Food Photography & Food styling by Thesi GeesinkDaylight & Flash Studio in the Centre of Amsterdam Professonial Kitchen available 2021 new site and starting with the photography & styling of my new cookbook 2020 opening new studio - specialised in portraits & still lifes 2019 led light boxes -still life  2018 still life food - the art of plating 2018 New serie IcyDutchies - stand alone blocks2016 New Serie Food Art - Led Light District2015 Open Ateliers Amsterdam, Led light Raw Art2014 Open Ateliers Amsterdam, Kitchen Art tiles and tableaus2014 Singer Museum, Artotheek Spring, Kitchen Art2013 Singer Museum Laren, Kitchen Art...

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